Uncontrolled hemorrhage is the leading cause of death on the battlefield and the second leading cause of death in civilian trauma. At the point of injury, every drop of blood is precious and cannot be replaced until the casualty reaches the next level of care. A significant number of wounds occur to regions of the torso where compression cannot be applied, such as the pelvis or shoulder.  Bleeding from these types of wounds is called non-compressible hemorrhage, and today there are no products available to military or civilian first responders designed specifically for treating non-compressible hemorrhage.

Working closely with Special Operations Forces medics, we developed a novel hemostatic device (XStat™ dressing) capable of stopping high-flow arterial bleeding from non-compressible wounds.  The core technology behind the XStat™ device is mini-sponges that expand upon contact with blood -- resulting in a nearly immediate hemostatic effect without manual compression.  The mini-sponge concept was co-invented by Engineer Clinic students at Harvey Mudd College and RevMedx co-founder Dr. Kenton Gregory. We are incorporating this self-expanding sponge technology into a portfolio of hemostatic dressings to treat a wide range of wound types.

Clip credit: CBS This Morning

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