XSTAT® P30 Released

RevMedx is pleased to announce the launch of the FDA cleared XSTAT® P30 – an improved version of our revolutionary hemostatic devices. XSTAT P30 was developed in collaboration with the US Military to expand the usability and functionality of the XSTAT 30 Generation 2 by improving the ease-of-use and reducing cube space.
In the XSTAT P30 device, the minisponges are enclosed in three porous pouches to facilitate their removal from wounds. Each minisponge pouch is large enough to be easily seen and removed in a manner identical to other standard-of-care dressings used to treat or pack bleeding wounds—essentially eliminating the risk that any minisponges could be inadvertently left in a wound following treatment. Results of a GLP Femoral Swine study demonstrate identical safety and effectiveness as original XSTAT.