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  • XSTAT 12 Single Pack  NSN: 6510-01-665-5192
  • XSTAT 12 3-Pack  NSN: 6510-01-657-4737
  • XSTAT P30 Single Pack  NSN: 6510-01-644-7335
  • XSTAT Training Kit  NSN: 6910-01-668-1798
  • Demo Sponge (Quantity of 1000)  NSN: 6910-01-667-0979
  • XSTAT Training Manikin  NSN: 6910-01-668-2607
  • AirWrap  NSN: 6530-01-643-5297
  • AirWrap XL  NSN: 6530-01-657-1978
  • TX2 Tourniquet  NSN: 6515-01-667-6027
  • TX3 Tourniquet  NSN: 6515-01-667-6208

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Note: XSTAT is designated as a “Prescription Only” device, to be used by physicians and/or trained medical professionals only.  A Medical Authorization is required upon order acceptance.

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